Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Few Things Not Shown Here

There are a few items that I cannot show on this blog because they are variations of what you see here.

Column Width:
 This is a 2-Column Wide Layout. I always use the Minima template with my designs. The Minima template is quite narrow, about 660px. I can widen your blog up to 1100px. The template you see here is about 1000px.

I can also give you a 3-Column layout if you would like. Three columns results in a more narrow post column and can sometimes look cluttered. So if you are indecisive, go with the 2-Column Wide Layout. But if you have a lot of information you need in your sidebars, then 3 Columns is the way to go! Just let me know!

Custom Font:
This blog uses fonts that Blogger offers through the Template Gallery. There are a lot of really fun fonts that have been added in the last year or so.

However, if you have a font that is not offered that you really want to use I can add it for a small fee. The only limitation is that the font will only show up in your Post Titles, Sidebar Titles and the Date. Also, if you would like to have a Custom Font, you will need to set-up a account (don't do it until I give you instructions) or you must already have a web hosting service in your name where you can upload files to the web.

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