Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This is the Post Title (the dragonfly is the Post Icon)

This design features a more professional layout where the patterned sides wrap around the top and bottom of the blog. The header sits on top of the patterned portion rather than inside the middle column. Also, the post and sidebar sections have their own background. The header can be any shape you like.

The post icon you see above is not included in this package but can be added for a small fee.

The dragonfly you see at the top of your Browser's window, next to the title Dani's Ultimate Design, and to the left of your URL is called the Favicon. Usually you will see the orange Blogger "B". This is included in this package and I can give you a unique image for your blog.

The button you see on the right that says Blog Designs by Dani is my Link-Back Button. When you click on it, you will be directed to my blog. You will get your own Link-Back Button with this design package that will link back to your blog. I will also include the scroll box and code below the button for others to grab your button!

Notice the titles above each of my sidebar gadgets on the right, About Me, Followers, etc. These are called Sidebar Title Images and are  included in this design package (up to 6 titles). They can be more or less decorative than what you see here. Whatever you would like!

The dividing bar you see after the post with the 
flowers and butterfly is called the Post Divider. This is included in this package.

The image you see below and to the right with the flower and my name is my Signature. This is not included in this design package but can be added to your blog for a small fee with your name and any decorations you would like. It can be placed on the left, right or in the center.

A Few Things Not Shown Here

There are a few items that I cannot show on this blog because they are variations of what you see here.

Column Width:
 This is a 2-Column Wide Layout. I always use the Minima template with my designs. The Minima template is quite narrow, about 660px. I can widen your blog up to 1100px. The template you see here is about 1000px.

I can also give you a 3-Column layout if you would like. Three columns results in a more narrow post column and can sometimes look cluttered. So if you are indecisive, go with the 2-Column Wide Layout. But if you have a lot of information you need in your sidebars, then 3 Columns is the way to go! Just let me know!

Custom Font:
This blog uses fonts that Blogger offers through the Template Gallery. There are a lot of really fun fonts that have been added in the last year or so.

However, if you have a font that is not offered that you really want to use I can add it for a small fee. The only limitation is that the font will only show up in your Post Titles, Sidebar Titles and the Date. Also, if you would like to have a Custom Font, you will need to set-up a account (don't do it until I give you instructions) or you must already have a web hosting service in your name where you can upload files to the web.